Training Site Is Going Away

As you may or may not know, I am in the process of building a complete course on building an ecommerce affiliate business. Many users have had issues logging in with this current platform. I’ve had issues myself. I am shutting this site down, but I am launching the training program on a new subdomain.

Downloadable PDFs, Customer Service Update and More

I fell a little behind this week getting new course materials together. Basically, I am having a problem with my email marketing automation tool, Active Campaign.  I am going to change over to Drip and since membership logins are tied to user accounts in Active Campaign, I have to be careful. Just a few updates: Make sure you go through Business 101 Course If you are a paid member, I will be emailing you over the next few days to …

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Major Update: Ecommerce 101 Resources

The biggest problem when starting your online business is making sure your ideas are profitable. This is why I’ve been hard at work putting together resources that focus entirely on helping you understand the profitability of your business ideas. I realized that there’s a ton of people out there giving advice on online businesses, but very little actual business advice. I’ve distilled my Internet MBA knowledge into several FREE resources for the Ecommerce CEO community. Ecommerce Business Plan Template: Organize your thoughts, …

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Product Research and Validation Course Is Live

It took over a year for me to complete these two mini-courses. Partly because of all the consulting I’ve done. Product Research Course Overview Product Sourcing Course Overview My goal has always been to help you get out of first gear. I’ve been blessed to work when I want and how I want. I’m never going back to corporate America and I hope that sharing what I’ve learned will help you do the same. I don’t plan on blogging much here. Other …

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