Downloadable PDFs, Customer Service Update and More

I fell a little behind this week getting new course materials together. Basically, I am having a problem with my email marketing automation tool, Active Campaign.  I am going to change over to Drip and since membership logins are tied to user accounts in Active Campaign, I have to be careful.

Just a few updates:

  • Make sure you go through Business 101 Course
  • If you are a paid member, I will be emailing you over the next few days to schedule 1:1 calls
  • I’m still testing the best chat software for this platform. I have one more to test, I want to make live chat the primary way we communicate.
  • I am making PDFs of all the slides so you can download them from the module page.


6 thoughts on “Downloadable PDFs, Customer Service Update and More

  1. Thank you Darren! I thought I should take a moment to say thank you for your time and care to offer this informative course.

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